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Not Deceased

Meet Roy.

Roy can’t die – he just pops back up in another vacant body when his current one fails him. He doesn’t remember what caused him to be like this, but he hopes to find out someday.

He’s dedicated his life to helping others with a cop named Steve, who’s the only one who knows about Roy’s ability.

Oh, and the Z.P.S. (Zombie Prevention Squad) thinks he’s a zombie.


Sparks Mansion

2015-01-01-Sparks Mansion Cover

“The Connection” comes once every summer, and is designed to let teenagers from wealthy families meet and mingle with each other for three months in the famous Sparks Mansion.

Stacy is one of those teenagers. However, she dreads the whole idea, and the only reason she’s there is to fulfill her parents’ wishes.

On the other end of the spectrum comes Alex. In exchange for a place to live, he has been working as Charles Sparks’ servant in the mansion ever since he was a kid. And serving rich, snobby teenagers is not something he enjoys.

The only focus on Alex and Stacy’s mind is just surviving the next three months. That is, until they meet each other at Sparks Mansion.